The Joshua Treenial  is a weekend of art, installations, performances and community building which highlight all that Joshua Tree inspires and makes possible. Installations and performances take place at BoxoHOUSE in Joshua Tree, CA and at iconic local venues such as The Integratron and Art Queen. Cultural Partners are invited to produce exhibitions and programming that culturally activate the entire region. The Joshua Treenial is produced by BoxoPROJECTS.

This 2019 edition of the Joshua Treenial is titled Paradise::Parallax. Historically a place of refuge and transformation, the desert is paradise to diverse forms of life. Over eons, the local ecology has adapted to establish a delicate balance of life and lack. Indigenous peoples, prospectors, individualists, artists and others have all made their ways here. Much has flourished in the wide expanses and endless horizons. Many dreams are born in the desert…some come to fruition. The Joshua Treenial 2019 celebrates all the differing variations of desert paradise and the multiple viewpoints that they encompass.


Curator Bios
Kóan Jeff Baysa is a the Creative Director of Honolulu Biennial Foundation. Born and raised in Hawaii, he is an international curator, writer, Whitney Museum ISP Curatorial Alumnus, and AICA member who networks the areas of medical science and contemporary culture. A  UCSF-trained doctor, he has a translational medicine practice that embraces neuroscience and social media, focusing on health perception, acculturation, sustainability, and access by the differently enabled to creative experiences. As a physician and curator, he brings together the cultures of science, design, and disruptive technology. He has curated numerous exhibitions globally in Dubai, Zagreb, Beijing, Hanoi, Santiago and lectured at MoMA, the Philips Collection, the Krasnow Institute, and the United Nations. He is a board member of several arts organizations in NY and LA, the Chief Strategy Officer for the Institute for Art and Olfaction, and the Chief Medical Officer for Medical Avatar.

Bernard Leibov is the founder and Director of BoxoPROJECTS,  a residency and programming initiative based in Joshua Tree, CA. Prior to moving to California, Bernard was Deputy Director of Judd Foundation in New York. He also operated a non-traditional gallery space in New York which featured artists from Joshua Tree and other non-urban areas. Bernard has a background in brand strategy as well as finance, has served on the Board of Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce and as a working team member of Transition Joshua Tree.